120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally


120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally provides tried and true tips and techniques for you to implement today for your success in the future



120 Ways To Attract The Market Your Business Hyper Locally: Tried And True Tips And Techniques’ is for:

  • defining your target audience
  • aligning your marketing with your local community
  • building your lifetime and dynamic asset value
  • integrating online and offline marketing techniques
  • collaborating effectively with complementary businesses
  • encouraging learning, growth, social democracy and investment

It includes information for:

  • marketers, salespeople and advertisers
  • freelancers, entrepreneurs, business and franchise owners
  • advisers, consultants and thought leaders
  • coaches, trainers and mentors
  • community leaders and initiative instigators

This thorough, practical and detailed guide provides you with the key strategies and techniques, based on your business values, that you can implement today for your success in the future.

Get started and take action now!

This book is a companion book to ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn’ and ‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business’ also written by Sue Ellson.

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Chapter Outline

1. Our Global Village
1.1 Marketing, Selling And Networking
1.2 Location Attachment And Choice
1.3 Defining Hyper Local Marketing
1.4 The Benefits Of Hyper Local Marketing

2. Personal Context
2.1 Self Evaluation
2.2 Self Management
2.3 Management And Leadership
2.4 Succession Planning And Exit Strategy
2.5 Personal Principles
2.6 Community And Business Congruency
2.7 Business Ethics And Self Regulation
2.8 Staffing And Outsourcing
2.9 Effective Hyper Local Recruitment Techniques

3. Business Context
3.1 Business Choice
3.2 Consumer Choice
3.3 Sustainable Business
3.4 Business Type And Differentiation
3.5 Business Pricing

4. Product And Service First Or Target Audience First?
4.1 Securing Referrals From Existing Clients And Customers
4.2 Other Sources Of Clients And Customers
4.3 Maintaining Clients And Customers

5. Market Analysis
5.1 Site Or Location Setting
5.2 Market Size
5.3 Competitor Analysis
5.4 Online Competitor Analysis
5.5 Collaborator Analysis

6. Location Context
6.1 Fixed Address
6.2 Online Address
6.3 Platform Presence
6.4 Collective Marketplace Address

7. Market Presence
7.1 Business Premises Look And Feel
7.2 Business Website Development
7.3 Personal Authority Website Development
7.4 Real World Marketing And Advertising
7.5 Currency, Recency And Relevancy

8. Online And Digital Marketing
8.1 White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques
8.2 Search Engine Ranking Factors
8.3 Content Marketing Strategies That Work
8.4 Amplifying The Value And Conversions From Your Content
8.5 Developing Viral Content And Conversions
8.6 Sending The Right Signals
8.7 Sourcing Hyper Local Website Links
8.8 Improving Overall Online Performance
8.9 Website Ranking Threats

9. Paid Marketing
9.1 Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
9.2 Social Media Marketing (SMM)
9.3 Online Advertisements
9.4 Aggregator Websites
9.5 Professional Body, Industry Group And Association Memberships
9.6 Gifts
9.7 Donations

10. Database Marketing
10.1 Email Newsletter Marketing
10.2 Joint Ventures And Strategic Alliances
10.3 Partnerships
10.4 If / Then Scenarios
10.5 Follow Up And Feedback

11. Program Marketing
11.1 Award Programs
11.2 Affiliate Programs
11.3 Formal Recognition Programs
11.4 Rewards Programs
11.5 Surveys, Quizzes And Research Programs
11.6 Accreditation And Certification

12. Public Marketing
12.1 Generating Content
12.2 Reviews
12.3 Recommendations
12.4 Referrals
12.5 Reputation
12.6 Testimonials
12.7 Feedback
12.8 Advocacy

13. Events Marketing
13.1 Free Events
13.2 Hosting Paid Events
13.3 Speaking At Events
13.4 Teaching
13.5 Expos, Trade Fairs And Conferences
13.6 Online Summits, Podcasts And Webinars

14. Media Marketing
14.1 Editorial
14.2 Advertorial
14.3 Publicity And Public Relations

15. Community Marketing
15.1 Networks
15.2 Bartering
15.3 Exchanges
15.4 Local Suppliers
15.5 Location Sharing
15.6 Naming Rights, Sponsorships And Advertising

16. Incentive Marketing
16.1 Competitions
16.2 Gamification Programs
16.3 Loyalty Programs
16.4 Relationship Marketing Programs
16.5 Thank You And Gratefulness Initiatives

17. Future Options Marketing

18. Marketing Measurement
18.1 Digital Asset Value
18.2 Goodwill
18.3 Performance Assessment
18.4 Performance Improvement
18.5 Top 20 Tips And Techniques

19. Full List Of 120 Actions

20. Bonuses



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