120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn


120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn provides tried and true tips and techniques for you to implement today for your success in the future



120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn: Tried And True Tips And Techniques’ is for:

  • defining and achieving your purpose
  • managing your LinkedIn Profile, Company Page and Group
  • exploring LinkedIn features including Newsfeed, Pulse, Apps
  • job search, career development, business and social enterprise
  • measuring and improving your performance, statistics, backups
  • solving issues, taking action and achieving results

It includes information for:

  • students, job seekers and career changers
  • freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners
  • advisers, consultants and thought leaders
  • community groups and professional associations
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • anyone who wants to leverage their skills, knowledge and networks

This thorough, practical and detailed guide provides you with the key strategies and techniques, based on your purpose, that you can implement today for your success in the future.

Get started and take action now!

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Chapter Outline



1. It’s All About Purpose
1.1 Take Action To Achieve Your Purpose
1.2 Prepare Your Own Action Plan
1.3 Selecting Your Purpose – Based On Your Values
1.4 Learn The Skills To Achieve Your Purpose
1.5 Aim For 80% Rather Than 100%
1.6 Define Your Boundaries On Your Terms

2. Pre Work Starting Points
2.1 Select The Initial Purposes You Would Like To Achieve
2.2 Select Your Primary Keywords
2.3 Select Your Secondary Keywords
2.4 Prepare For The Process
2.5 Allocate Some Time To Achieve Your Purpose
2.6 Collect Some Baseline Statistics And Backup Your Data
2.7 Overcome Your LinkedIn Hang-ups
2.8 Improve Your Digital Literacy
2.9 Familiarize Yourself With The Functions Of LinkedIn
2.10 The Dangers Of Using LinkedIn Incorrectly

3. Creating And Updating Your LinkedIn Profile
3.1 Do This Before Updating Your LinkedIn Profile
3.2 Essential Edit For Every LinkedIn Profile
3.3 The Computer Experience – Attracting Viewers
3.4 The User Experience – Convince Viewers
3.5 LinkedIn Strategy And Tactics – Convert For Results

4. Performance Power Tools
4.1 Post On LinkedIn
4.2 Join Relevant Groups On LinkedIn
4.3 Follow Relevant Companies On LinkedIn
4.4 Maximize Your Education
4.5 Select Your Influencers (Following)
4.6 Select Your Channels (Following)
4.7 Select Your News Publishers
4.8 Decide How To Respond To Your News Feed
4.9 Create A Schedule For Endorsing Skills Of Connections
4.10 Select A Recommendations Strategy
4.11 Select A Connections Strategy
4.12 Decide What You Will Do On A Regular Basis

5. Job Search Strategies
5.1 Select A Range Of Concurrent Strategies
5.2 Do Your Research
5.3 Find Suitable Mentors Through LinkedIn
5.4 Reach Out To Your Network
5.5 Apply For Jobs Listed On LinkedIn
5.6 View The Career Sections Of Selected Companies
5.7 Connect With Recruiters
5.8 Connect With Professional Association Members
5.9 Tailor Your Photo, Headline And Summary
5.10 Understand Job Search Algorithms
5.11 Prepare For Job Interviews
5.12 The Key To Job Search Success

6. Career Development
6.1 Identifying Choices And Making Decisions
6.2 Understanding The Local Market
6.3 Overcoming Barriers To Entry
6.4 Massaging The Message
6.5 Add Some Flair To Your LinkedIn Profile
6.6 Changing Your Purpose, Job or Enterprise Direction

7. Recruitment And Human Resources Practices
7.1 Perceived LinkedIn Risks To Enterprises
7.2 How To Interpret LinkedIn Profiles
7.3 How To Find Quality Candidates Via Advanced Search
7.4 Posting Job Ads On LinkedIn
7.5 Preparing For Job Interviews
7.6 Inducting New Employees
7.7 LinkedIn For Leaders, Managers And Employees
7.8 LinkedIn For Leaving Employees
7.9 LinkedIn For Former Employees

8. Business and Social Enterprise
8.1 Establishing Quality Enterprise Real Estate On LinkedIn
8.2 Building Your Enterprise Digital Asset
8.3 Enterprise Updates Via Your LinkedIn Company Profile
8.4 Create A Style Guide For Your Company Updates
8.5 Options For Your LinkedIn Social Media Policy
8.6 Effective Strategies For Your LinkedIn Group
8.7 Messages From The CEO and Management
8.8 Getting Sales Via LinkedIn
8.9 Follow Up Techniques For Success
8.10 Measuring Your Return On Investment
8.11 Choose Your Overall Enterprise LinkedIn Strategy

9. Generational Tips For LinkedIn Profiles For Individuals
9.1 Students In Secondary Or Tertiary Education
9.2 Early Career
9.3 Mid-Career
9.4 Career Changers
9.5 Late Career
9.6 Retirement

10. Schools, Colleges And Universities
10.1 Applying For A University Profile
10.2 Benefits Of A University Profile
10.3 Tools For Higher Education Professionals
10.4 Tools For University Students
10.5 Add To Profile Qualification Or Certification Button

11. International Purposes

12. Personal Branding And Reputation Management
12.1 Personal Branding Tips
12.2 Reputation Management Tips
12.3 Networks You Need In Your Life

13. Research
13.1 Searching For People
13.2 Saving Your Searches
13.3 Taking Action From Your Searches

14. Referrals
14.1 Referral Marketing
14.2 Referral Sharing
14.3 Referral Automation

15. Relationships
15.1 Building And Developing Relationships
15.2 Changing And Challenging Relationships
15.3 Relationships That Have Ended

16. Achieving Your Goals
16.1 Top 20 Tips And Techniques
16.2 Your Minimum Targets
16.3 Questions And Answers

17. LinkedIn Special Features
17.1 LinkedIn Information
17.2 LinkedIn Products
17.3 LinkedIn Resources
17.4 LinkedIn Apps
17.5 LinkedIn Tools
17.6 LinkedIn Indexes

18. Future Of LinkedIn

19. Full List Of 120 Actions

20. Bonuses

Appendix 1 – List of Career Development Enterprises



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