120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business – Sue Ellson

120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business – Tried and True Tips and Techniques by Sue Ellson

120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business by Sue EllsonPublished: 24 May 2016
Published by: 120 Ways Publishing
Author: Sue Ellson
Book Number: 2
ISBN 10: 0-9942875-3-4
ISBN 13:
 978-0-9942875-3-3 (Print)
(ePub) 978-0-9942875-4-0
(PDF) 978-0-9942875-5-7
Edition: 1 Edition
Format: Paper Book, ePub, PDF
Print Length: 246 pages
Language: English
Amazon ASIN: B01G0JZV6M
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‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business – Tried And True Tips And Techniques’ is for:

  • defining your highest values and purpose
  • clarifying your vision and overcoming your challenges
  • building your attraction power, lifetime value and dynamic value
  • securing the right career or business opportunities
  • developing your presence, brand and networks
  • learning, leading and laughing your way to success

It includes information for:

  • students, job seekers and career changers
  • freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners
  • advisers, consultants and thought leaders
  • coaches, trainers and mentors
  • anyone who wants to leverage their skills, knowledge and networks

This thorough, practical and detailed guide provides you with the key strategies and techniques, based on your purpose, that you can implement today for your success in the future.

Get started and take action now!

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Chapter Outline



1. It’s All About You
1.1 Personal Responsibility
1.2 Action Steps
1.3 Skills
1.4 Techniques

2. Past and Present Context
2.1 Future Context
2.2 Understanding Yourself
2.3 Letting Go
2.4 Understanding Value
2.5 Understanding Needs
2.6 Sense Of Self
2.7 Sense Of Others

3. Selecting The Right Career Or Business

4. Choosing What To Do Right Now
4.1 Choosing What To Do In The Future

5. Capital Raising
5.1 Social Capital
5.2 Intellectual Capital
5.3 Cultural Capital
5.4 Financial Capital
5.5 Gratitude Or Operating Capital
5.6 Relationship Capital
5.7 Credibility Capital
5.8 Influence Capital

6. Action Steps
6.1 Research And Select Your Locations
6.2 Establish Quality Real Estate
6.3 Review And Verify Your Real Estate
6.4 Select Your Strategic Activity
6.5 Review, Analyze and Improve
6.6 Give Feedback, Follow Up, Say Thank You And Smile
6.7 Celebrate, Acknowledge And Learn
6.8 Decide What To Do Next

7. Career Attraction Tips and Techniques
7.1 Immediate Jobs
7.2 Survival Jobs And Means To An End Jobs
7.3 Aligned Jobs
7.4 Next Step Up Jobs
7.5 Job Identification Techniques
7.6 Job Application Techniques
7.7 Job Application Persistence Techniques
7.8 Job Interview Techniques
7.9 Job Interview Follow Up Techniques
7.10 Accepting A Job Offer

8. Business Attraction Tips And Techniques
8.1 Real Value In Business
8.2 Perceived Value In Business
8.3 Referral Value In Business
8.4 Clarity Value In Business
8.5 Reciprocity Value In Business
8.6 Uncertainty Value In Business
8.7 Pricing Value In Business
8.8 Human Value in Business
8.9 Asset Value In Business
8.10 Investment Value In Business

9. Audience Attraction Techniques
9.1 Identifying Audience Locations
9.2 Arousing Your Target Audience
9.3 Discouraging Your Non Target Audience
9.4 Re-Attracting Your Target Audience

10. Content Attraction Techniques
10.1 Content Guidelines
10.2 Content Conversions
10.3 Content Reach
10.4 Content Sharing
10.5 Content Critics

11. People Attraction Techniques
11.1 People Background Research
11.2 Finding The Right People
11.3 Building The Relationship
11.4 Refining Your People Attraction Techniques

12. Platform Attraction Techniques
12.1 Completing Your Platform Profile
12.2 Maximizing Each Platform
12.3 Measuring Your Platform Performance
12.4 Platform Power Tools
12.5 Game Changers

13. Process Attraction Techniques
13.1 Finding Advertised Opportunities
13.2 Applying For Advertised Opportunities
13.3 Passing the Application Process
13.4 Starting A Career Or Business Opportunity
13.5 Daily Career And Business Strategies
13.6 Education And Learning Based Strategies
13.7 Proactive Action Strategies
13.8 System Based Strategies

14. Possibility Attraction Techniques
14.1 Traditional Possibility Sources
14.2 Contemporary Possibility Sources
14.3 Speculative Possibility Sources
14.4 Ongoing Possibility Sources

15. Brand Development
15.1 Building Your Personal Brand
15.2 Building Your Business Brand
15.3 Personal Brand Builders
15.4 Business Brand Builders
15.5 Publicity Tactics

16. Network Development
16.1 Assessing Networks
16.2 Creating A Network
16.3 How To Network
16.4 Developing Your Network
16.5 Valuing Your Network

17. Website Development
17.1 Personal Career Attraction Website
17.2 Personal Business Attraction Website
17.3 General Website Attraction Techniques
17.4 Website Performance Measures
17.5 User Experience And Website Feedback

18. Overcoming Challenges
18.1 Action Planning Sequence
18.2 Measuring Results
18.3 Personal Blockages
18.4 External Blockages
18.5 Top 20 Tips And Techniques

19. Full List Of 120 Actions

20. Bonuses



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Hi there. My name is Sue Ellson and I’m the author of 120 Ways to Attract The Right Career or Business, which is being launched tonight the 24th of May 2016 in Camberwell Melbourne, Australia. And in February this year, I launched 120 Ways to Achieve Your Purpose with LinkedIn and this book is slightly different.

Obviously, the first one was focusing on LinkedIn but the second one is looking at a lot more different techniques for you to attract the right career or business that you’re after that matches up with your purpose.

And as an experienced trainer, a professional learner and a consultant in practice, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to work with individuals and organizations to help them attract the right career or business and it does involve a few action steps.

It would be lovely if we could simply pray and hope and wish for the right thing or manifest everything instantly but it doesn’t quite happen that way. There are some action steps and I outline those very clearly as best as I can in this book.

It starts off with It’s All about You and taking on some personal responsibility as well as some action steps, skills and techniques, looking at what’s happened in the past and also what’s in the present, and how you’re going to be able to select the right career or business for your purpose, and choosing what to do immediately and what to do in the future.

As with every new venture and every new opportunity, it’s about raising capital and I talk about different types of capital in the book: social capital, intellectual capital, cultural, financial, gratitude or operating capital, relationship capital, credibility capital and influence capital.

Then look at some specific action steps in terms of creating online and offline real estate, so you have presence in the market and selecting various activities that will be aligned with you. Very much into saying thank you, really important, as well as smiling, and celebrating, acknowledging, learning and so on.

Then focus more specifically on career attraction techniques and business attraction techniques: audience attraction, content attraction, people attraction, platform attraction, process attraction and possibility attraction techniques. Then spend some time on doing up your brand, both personal and business, as well as a short chapter on publicity.

Then there’s network development and website development, so a few general tips in there and then, overcoming the challenges.

Now, as you get towards the back, there’s also the top 20, if you don’t have time for the whole 120, which are also listed. There’s a comprehensive index at the back as well, and I also talk about the 120 Ways Publishing Membership Program. And, if you join that, which is free, the basic one, you get the digital files that are associated with the book.

You can also get a copy of these books on the 120ways.com website in both ePub and PDF versions. On Amazon, you can get the Kindle version. On Book Depository, the printed paperback version and it’s also available through the Dymocks bookstore in Camberwell in Melbourne.

And I’ve managed to attract some fabulous reviews, so thank you to people who supply reviews. I really appreciate those. I really appreciate your feedback because I’m looking forward to writing my third book and launching that on the 23rd of August this year, 120 Ways to Market Your Business Hyper Locally. So that will be coming out soon.

So again, hope you enjoy reading the books. Thank you and bye for now.

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