Reviews Of 120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business

Reviews Of The Book ‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business’ by Sue Ellson

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25/05/2016 by Leah Shmerling via email
An excellent achievement Sue. The book launch was a lovely celebratory event. Glad to share it with you. All the best Sue.

25/05/2016 by Grace Guo via email
You have inspired me from your determination and persistence, of course with your super ability. Congratulation again!

24/05/2016 by Jacquie Wise via email
CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing work, amazing speed….well done

24/05/2016 by Rob Chiarolli at the Book Launch – Five Stars  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
There are a lot of personal stories so that makes it a much easier to read than ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn,’ but I commend Sue for that because it’s pretty hard to put your personal stories in there and there are some tough ones in there as well. So well done with that. It’s packed with real life scenarios and actions and one of the things I’ve got out of that is one of the quotes you’ve put in there that ‘life should be a safe journey but its not always a smooth journey.’ There’s always challenges and so she reveals a lot of the challenges that she‘s faced and beaten in this book so, very well done.

As I said, look it really is a business coaching journal and manual in one. She can package this. So you could package this and sell it like some of these development courses you’ve gone for 5 to 10,000 bucks and put it in a a nice thing but she’s actually giving you all this information for nothing. There’s stuff there about values and purpose, the importance of support networks, the importance of having a belief system and how certain beliefs can limit your future and what you achieve. And so, you need to challenge some of the beliefs that you’ve got. The importance of responsibility and fairness in everything you do. And the need to learn and change what you do, and don’t just stick to what you’ve done in the past and seek help if you don’t know this stuff, seek help from other people and keep accountable to what you’ve learned.

There are three main areas when you read through the book that I really pulled out of it, Sue. I’m sure other people will pull other things out but I love your act principle. Action Changes Things. So if you take action, you will change things so I love that. Also, the concept of capital and the seven different forms of capital that are in there: social, intellectual, cultural, financial, gratitude, relationship and influence, and these are all things you need to develop if you’re looking for a job or looking to start of business. I found that one really important. And the final thing was the values of how it’s important with anything you do, whether it’s a job or a business, that it aligns with your important values and of course, you cover both the job and the business side of things.

And look, just to cut it short before I pass on to Sue and she can tell more about the book. My favorite action is action number 89. If you go through the actions, there’s a 120 of them there. So if you do one a day, it will keep you going for a while. But this is really reflective of Sue this action. It is the ‘be a lifelong learner’ and I think that represents Sue very much. She calls herself a learning junkie in the book and I think she’s done most likely every course and development book and read everything there is to do with personal development and the final message I’ve got from that and which is Sue to a tee is do everything with a smile on your face.

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120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business by Sue Ellson

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